Medichill COOL N HOT PADS (PACK OF 5) Re-useable, Reliable

Medichill COOL N HOT PADS (PACK OF 5) Re-useable, Reliable
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AUSTRALIAN - MADE Medichill Cool Cubes have been used by health care professionals for their patients world wide for over 20 years and now they are available for you in INDIA.


Re-useable & Reliable



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Where to use Medichill's ‘Cool Cube’?

Cold Pack Reduce Fever Temperature

Reduce High Body Temperature (Fever)

A high body temperature can be lowered by applying a cold compress. Traditionally, We soak strips of cotton cloth or rags in icy cold water. Press onto your forehead or chest. When cloths have reached body temperature, we place them in cold water again and repeat the process one or two times every hour.

See the Benefits of using Medichill 'Cool Cubes',

  • Stays frozen Longer than Ice.
  • NO Dripping Water.


Cold Pack Pregnancy Pain Relief

Applying Smiles for Mum after birth of baby.

AUSTRALIAN MADE Medichill Cool Cubes - hospital grade pain relief used in maternity wards Internationally
  • Reduces heat and aids discomfort of engorged breasts.
  • Reduces pain and swelling after episiotomy and ideal for general perineal pain and soreness.
  • Suitable for use on the lower abdomen following a caesarean section.

For perineal pain, How to apply
Medichill 'Cool Cube' are applied in the following way:
a) by inserting into sanitary napkins, giving considerable relief of pain and achieving faster ambulation (movement),
b) through own underwear,
c) held on-site by hand


Pain Relief from Sore Muscles & joints.

Cold Pack Hot Pack Injury Pain Relief Only at

 Medichill Cool Cubes have got your pain relief covered, from the smallest extremity to the largest, providing either a cold or warm therapy solution for you.

The Cool Cubes whether used cold or hot, offer a comforting, medication-free solution to pain. They utilise harnessed water that can be frozen chilled or heated depending on your pain relief requirements

They can be applied to most parts of the human body, giving effective and medication-free pain relief for:
  • Soft tissue trauma, sprains, strains, muscle tears and dislocations.
  • Injury rehabilitation.
  • Treatment for stings and bites.
  • Body temperature control.
  • Minor Burns and Sunburn.
  • Back, neck, migraine and period pain.


How to use Medichill's ‘Cool Cube’? 

What are the features of Medichill?

  • Stays frozen longer than ice.
  • Can be cut to varying sizes to suit most applications.
  • Very flexible and pliable for ease of application.
  • Completely safe.
  • Can be microwaved for HOT PACK treatments.
  • From full body coverage to the smallest extremity.
  • Extremely light weight when dehydrated.
  • Easy to store and handle.
  • Stays dry when thawing. No pools of water.